Ageing well and increased quality of life

Seniors are rapidly becoming an increasingly large portion of the global population. Many seniors will have health challenges, and physical inactivity is often the cause of many age-related disorders, more than age itself. Motitech is addressing this challenge and helping battle inactivity. Motitech has a vision of significantly impacting people around the world, empowering them to age well by increasing quality of life through enabling physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness. This vision is at the core of what we deliver and what we do to foster sustainable change. We want our products and services to have a direct net positive impact on as many people as possible, unleashing inherent potential and supporting seniors being at their natural best.

Motivation - the key to sustainable change

“I was in a wheelchair at one point, then I graduated to a walker. The next thing will be the marathon.” These words are coming from Jean, an 88 years young woman living in a care home in the South of England. Previously, the low levels of physical activity were severely limiting her life. But then, doing frequent cycling sessions motivated by videos of roads from near and far, her life has changed. And her daughter confirms:

A Global Community for Change

“I’m going to win the medal for female world champion,” says Small, 92, from her care home in Newbury. Road Worlds for Seniors represents a tremendous opportunity to challenge the notion that cycling, and physical activity as a whole, is limited by age or ability. 

Motitech aims to significantly impact people around the world, empowering them to age well. We want to increase quality of life through enabling physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness.



Thousands of videos - millions of memories

Increasing physical activity, reminiscence and social connectedness enrich the lives of older people and people with dementia. Cycling to videos from local roads and inspiring places elsewhere in the world gives motivation to use indoor exercise bikes. When motivated, everybody is at their natural best – no matter the age!

Our Partners

Road Worlds for Seniors turns older people and people with dementia into dedicated athletes. It is a unique event as it allows thousands of seniors to take part in an annual global sporting event - even though they might live in a long term care facility or experience functional impairments.

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