Eli Marie lost 11 kilos

Eli Marie Nising (75) has gone from being overweight to being in good physical shape after moving in to a nursing home. The Motiview films have motivated her to weekly training, resulting in easier daily life for both her and the nurses.

Wenche stopped falling

Wenche stopped falling when she started cycling

Wenche Gjertsen’s life was badly affected by daily falls. After three months’ training with Motiview, she has only fallen three times. – It’s an absolute revelation; it’s unbelievable, the 75-year-old says.

Wenche Gjertsen’s life was badly affected by daily falls. After three months’ training with Motiview, she has only fallen three times. «It’s an absolute revelation; it’s unbelievable», the 75-year-old says.

Wenche Gjertsen (75) began cycling to Motiview’s film library when the equipment was installed at the Prestheia care centre in Kristiansand in January 2015. She visits the day room here three times a week.

After a good breakfast, she gets onto the exercise bike and cycles between ten and fifteen kilometres every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“I’ve only missed training once, when I wasn’t feeling well. At weekends, I can’t wait for Monday to come around again. I think not training for two days seems like a long time”, says vigorous Wenche.

Better breathing and balance

“Now I’ve cycled about 200 kilometres altogether. During the period, I’ve noticed some great changes in my life. I used to keep falling over all the time, every day, at the shop, going up stairs and on completely flat surfaces too.

“In the last few months, I’ve only fallen over three times. It’s fantastic.” she says.

“I suffer from COHD too but since I’ve started training my breathing’s also got a lot easier. I’ve gradually reduced and now only use oxygen at night while I’m asleep.”

Wenche at Prestheia omsorgssenter

A trip to Bergen

Gjertsen is originally from Bergen but moved to Kristiansand to be closer to her family.

«I travel to Bergen when I’m training and listen to music and sing along. It’s really nice, although I do get a bit homesick occasionally,» she laughs.

– But I cycle other routes too; I was in Copenhagen the other day.

One thing that Gjertsen thinks is particularly good about the actual cycle is that she can sit in an ordinary chair when she is using it.

– I used to have an ordinary ergometer cycle at home but it was painful to sit on. Now I can sit in a comfortable chair and can almost forget that I’m exercising both my arms and legs.

The woman from Bergen has no plans for stopping cycling – on the contrary.

«This is something everybody should do! I wish that more people could have access to an exercise bike and Motiview. My aim is to manage better on my own and live at home longer,» concludes dedicated sportswoman Wenche Gjertsen.

Ola uses Motiview

Ola uses Motiview for rehabilitation at home

In Ola Melhus’ lounge, a motorised cycle and a PC couple to the TV screen have suddenly appeared. Melhus simply chooses a film from the film library before getting on the bike. While cycling, he watches films from both familiar and unfamiliar places in his local area.

Melhus is one of the first people in the country to have tried out Motiview for daily rehabilitation at home. The trial is part of the Lindås project, the country’s largest project within healthcare technology.

Balance training

“It’s fantastic to have come so far when I think I had no feeling at all the first day I arrived at the hospital”, Melhus tells us.

Melhus’ greatest challenge is his balance. He was given exercises to help him improve as well as training with a fall prevention group. But when Motiview was installed in his home, it became clear which training method he found most motivating.

«I think it’s fantastic and I don’t get bored. If I only had the cycle, ten minutes would seem an awful long time to exercise. But here I’ve got these films where I can follow the road and the sea while I’m cycling. If they’re places I recognise, it makes it more interesting,» he says.

Before he’s even aware of it, Melhus has cycled 15 minutes while watching a film. He does this twice daily.

"I think it’s fantastic and I don’t get bored."
Ola Melhus
One of the first people in the country to have tried out Motiview for daily rehabilitation at home.

Clear improvement

Just one month after starting, health personnel can see a clear improvement in Melhus’ balance.

“To start with it took him 23 seconds to walk four metres using a walker. When I came to test him again after a month, he didn’t want to use the walker, left it to one side and walked four metres on his own in the same 23 seconds”, physiotherapist Kari-Anne Simonsen tells us.

“We have seen how motivation in relation to exercise can be a bit of a challenge, but now we have tremendous faith in Motiview as a means to increase motivation and help to increase users’ physical capacity, which in turn makes users capable of living at home longer”, says Lindås’ municipal ergotherapist, Hildegunn Baravelli.

“It’s very easy to set up and use and provides great motivation for exercise”, she says.

Baravelli thinks Motiview, alongside healthcare technology and daily rehabilitation, is an important contribution to increasing the quality of local authority service provision to people living at home.

The news item with Ola Melhus was filmed in the winter of 2015. In May, the cycle was passed on to new users but Melhus has continued with his training.

“It was really good to have the cycle at home because I was constantly reminded to exercise. The reminder I got by having it stand there was very useful and it was really good to watch the films”, he says.

“Now I’m practicing walking up and down stairs but it’s a bit scary to do it on my own. I think the cycling really helped me to get started with training”, he concludes.