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Begin Part of a Global Community for Change

I’m going to win the medal for female world champion,” says Small, 92, from her care home in Newbury.

Road Worlds for Seniors represents a tremendous opportunity to challenge the notion that cycling, and physical activity as a whole, is limited by age or ability. We are thrilled to see the work that is being done by Motitech to bring this event to fruition, providing an inspiring outlet for seniors around the globe to compete and exercise both mental and physical health from the comfort of their long-term care facilities. We look forward to cheering on all participants at this year’s event.
Josh Peacock, Events and partnership manager Cycling Canada

We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and get active at the same time. We want to focus on the abilities instead of disabilities, and we are proud to be working with communities of like-minded people, on local, governmental, national and international levels, who share a common goal in this.

Through our partnership we can enable even more people to take part. Together we can help more seniors to break out of loneliness and social isolation, to improve their physical health and to have fun while doing it!

It is not everyone who gets the opportunity to participate in a world championship on a bike – and certainly not when you are over 80 years old! I believe this is a great experience for many of the participants”, says Secretary General of the Norwegian Cycling Federation, Eystein Stokstad. He adds that the beauty of cycling is that it has no age limit.

Cycling is not just the Tour de France or national championship, it is also a fantastic way for people of all ages to stay active – also those who live in care homes.”

Road Worlds for Seniors is supported by the national cycling associations in Norway, UK and Canada. We also work closely with key branch organisations such as Sport England, Otario Long Term Care Association, Ageing Asia, Norges Frivilligsentraler, Care England, National Care Forum (NCF), and National Activities Providers Association (NAPA), as well as other great organisations internationally with the aim to promote and engage the seniors to increase activity amongst the senior population.

In 2019, British Cycling and Sport England went into a five-year partnership with Motitech, enabling wider participation for UK care homes in the annual Road Worlds for Seniors. With the support from British Cycling and Sport England, funded by DCMS, 50 care homes across the UK are continuously able to access Motitech’s technology, and engage in delivering physical activity opportunities for their residents and this exciting event.

Road Worlds for Seniors 2020 encountered an unpredictable and much different year due to the Covid-19 virus and the pandemic that followed. And the Covid-19 pandemic meant that many of the major championships were canceled. As most of the world went into lockdown following March 2020, care facilities across were faced with a new and challenging situation which it has never encountered before. Even so, care homes across nations were eager to participate in the Road Worlds for Seniors, finding ways of keeping their seniors cyclists active and healthy despite the situation. Over 3000 participants from 7 nations took part, covering amasingly 103,517 km during the 4 week competition!

So despite Covid, Road Worlds for Seniors became a great success given the circumstances – thanks to encouragement from cyclists and staff at the care homes and day care centers.

Spreading the word to celebrate the achievements of our dedicated cyclists!

In total the Championship in 2020 generated nearly 100 media stories, both before, during and after the competition, including over 10 stories in the UK alone and several with international outreach. One of the stories came in The Guardian, which sparked several other media stories and an international outreach; The Times, Channel 4 News, ITV News and others. This resulted in over 200 private individuals and over 100 care facilities reaching out to Motitech to learn more about how they could participate and offer Motiview to their residents and loved ones.

We know that the appetite is there, at any age, to remain active, but have still been blown away by how so many care home residents have embraced the Road Worlds for Seniors. Activity programmes like this go a long way in showing that cycling is for everyone and can be a real force for good. We’d like to congratulate everyone that took part and cannot wait to hear about the participants’ continued experiences with Motiview.”
Julie Harrington, chief executive of British Cycling

Road Worlds for Seniors and beyond

We want to build and run a global community for our users, care providers, governmental bodies, and other partners who share in our vision of focusing on abilities instead of disabilities when it comes to aging. And we are adamant to give more seniors the ability to partake in the Road Worlds for Seniors – as well as other initiatives – even though they might live in a long term care facility. The championship makes the cyclists become a part of something bigger; A global movement focusing on physical activity and reminiscence for people that are normally not able to part in such initiatives.

We aim for the Road Worlds for Seniors to become the largest sporting event in the world in terms of participants.

We want the Road Worlds for Seniors to create a feeling of friendly competition and community. We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and get active at the same time. To see all the participants, the joy and enthusiasm they share with each other, makes me feel great. It’s good for me to know that we can make a change. A sustainable change.”
Jan Inge Ebbesvik, President – Road Worlds for Seniors