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Enabling together with our partners

It’s important for everyone to have a sense of belonging, and communities can bring like-minded people together through similar characteristics and common interests. Every community operates with specific boundaries to meet the needs of that community. 

Through our partnerships we want to enable more people to take part. Together we can help more seniors to break out of loneliness and social isolation, to improve their physical health and to feel empowered, motivated and have fun while doing it!

Portrait of a senior man sitting at home with a walking stick

A partnering community for change

We want to build and run a global community for our users, care providers, governmental bodies, and other partners who share in our vision of focusing on abilities instead of disabilities when it comes to aging well. Bringing a global community around our users to life as a concept and alliance, will strengthen and grow quality of life for people ageing well around the world. 

The Road Worlds for Seniors is the first large initiative in a buildup of a larger global Motiview community, and the championship makes the cyclists become a part of something bigger; A global movement focusing on physical activity and reminiscence for people that are normally not able to part in such initiatives. 

Our Partners


Partnering with British Cycling and Sport England

In 2019, Motitech announced its five-year partnership with British Cycling and Sport England. With the support from British Cycling and Sport England, funded by DCMS, more care facilities across the UK are able to access Motitech’s technology and take part in the Road Worlds for Seniors. The support enables the care facilities to engage in delivering physical activity opportunities for their residents, and for older people to remain active through cycling. 

Partners around the world

We believe in building strong partnerships together with likeminded people.

With the work we do together with our amazing partners and collaborators across the world – in the sports sector as well as in the care sector – we see that we make a difference when it comes to healthy ageing. We see that by working together we can build bridges and that we are able to create initiatives tackling inactivity and isolation with a collaborative approach. And we are always seeking new partners that support our overall mission of empowering people to age well.

Together we can make a sustainable change.

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