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Road Worlds for Seniors is a unique championship

The Road Worlds for Seniors enables thousands of older people and people with dementia to take part in an annual global sporting event – regardless if they live in a long term care facility or experience functional or mental impairments.

The Championship is about having fun and competing in a friendly competition where all achievements are celebrated. With the event, the seniors cyclists experience being part of a community, between residents, care facilities and across national borders.

And each year more and more participants experience the joy and benefits of competing, having fun and getting active at the same time.


Exploring the world while clocking distance

During the championship, the participants get motivated using the video library Motiview. With Motiview the users can cycling through a choice of thousands of locations from around the world or choosing a video from their local town. The large video library gives the opportunity to revisit familiar places from their childhood and at the same time travel to places they have never seen before. 

The immersive experience encourages the users and creates a meaningful setting as it evokes memories and increase social connectedness – providing a social norm for incorporating physical activity into everyday life.  

A growing movement for sustainable change

The Road Worlds for Seniors was first launched in 2017 as an initiative customised for older people and people with dementia. And it has since experienced rapid growth with increased interest and participation from more and more countries around the world. 

So each year we are so grateful to be able to applaud thousands of cyclists with their own medal and trophies for the world champions for men and women, and the best team. The award Crew of the Year goes out to the best support team; which is a special award going to a chosen team of care staff to applaud the wonderful support and encouragement they give their cyclists!

More than 5000 participants signed up in 2021

In 2021, more than 5000 cyclists represented by 260 teams signed up for the event, making the 5th Championship the biggest event so far. 26 days later, an astonishing 156,413 km were covered representing the distance of more than 4 times around the entire globe! Total 11 nations participated in the championship, and as many as 13 cyclists cycled over 1000 km on the 26 competition days, which is nothing but mind-blowing.

And everyone gets their own medal, regardless of distance. Because we find it important to celebrate all achievements!

Cycling Medal Ceremony Vida Grange Harrogate

 Copyright Paul David Drabble
 28 September 2019
Funny and extravagant senior man dancing on coloured background

Find out more

We aim for the Road Worlds for Seniors to become the biggest sporting event in the world in terms of participants.

Motitech are passionate about creating a global event and building a strong community of supporter to cheer on our wonderful cyclists. The Road Worlds for Seniors lets older people and people with dementia take part in a competition – regardless of age, functional level or where they live by bringing the competition to them.

And we want to empower more seniors to have get active, compete and fun.

Wondering have you can join in? Click the button below to find out how you can easily get started!


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