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Ageing well and increased quality of life

Seniors are rapidly becoming an increasingly large portion of the global population. Many seniors will have health challenges, and physical inactivity is often the cause of many age-related disorders, more than age itself. Motitech is addressing this challenge and helping battle inactivity. 

Motitech has a vision of significantly impacting people around the world, empowering them to age well by increasing quality of life through enabling physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness. This vision is at the core of what we deliver and what we do to foster sustainable change. We want our products and services to have a direct net positive impact on as many people as possible, unleashing inherent potential and supporting seniors being at their natural best.

Our vision entails becoming an influential partner with key organisations globally – to build sustainable communities aligned with the vision. By doing this, we will contribute with our acquired knowledge and experience to the care space through effective channels, and we can help connect and align the efforts around the world – coming from a flexible and dynamic position of being a company.
Motitech delivers a solution called Motiview, which aids seniors and people living with dementia to increase their physical activity, mental wellbeing, and social connectedness – by focusing on inherent motivation through the combination of a global video library together with adapted bikes. This video from The Sunday Times shows Motiview in practice:

There are now about 1 billion people above the age of 65, and it’s expected to double by 2050. For the first time in recorded history people 64 and above are more numerous than children age 5 or less. This results in that the average age of the global population is increasing, which has important implications for the society as a whole. Growing up and living in a society where younger people are in a majority is fundamentally different to growing up in a society where the majority of people are in older age groups. And in addition to this, in recent years improvements in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy have flat-lined.

Many seniors will have health challenges, and physical inactivity is often the cause of many age-related disorders, more than age itself. This is especially challenging with regards to the 50 million people diagnosed with dementia, and the 10 million who get diagnosed with this disorder every year. Motitech will address this challenge and help battle inactivity.

Initiatives to improve activity for older people can be fragmented and disconnected, and there are few community platforms that cater for this need. It’s important for every person to have a sense of belonging, and communities can bring like-minded people together with similar characteristics and common interests. Every community operates with specific boundaries to meet the needs of that community.
We want to build and run a global community for our users, care providers, governmental bodies, and other partners who share in our vision of focusing on abilities instead of disabilities when it comes to aging. Bringing a global Motiview community to life as a concept and alliance, will strengthen and grow quality of life for people ageing well around the world.

Exceptional situations like the the Corona pandemic has shown another great challenge, where almost everyone has been locked in their homes for an extended period of time, whether that is their own house or a room in a care facility. Especially for many seniors, the pacification this has led to has further accelerated the negative effects of being inactive and we have yet to fully understand the impact of this to society as a whole.

Motitech has gained a strong momentum in several markets over the last few years. We have gained much experience delivering services to the care space, as well as having established strong partnerships with key bodies with global potential. Because our vision is bigger than just selling a product. We want to be a part of changing the game in social care.