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We see that motivation to activity is the key for better health, independent of age and functional levels - empowering seniors to be at their natural best. This way we can achieve sustainable change.

Increased quality of life

The key to achieve sustainable change is motivation, independent of age and functional levels, and the benefits by using Motiview to foster intrinsic motivation show increase in physical, mental, and social wellbeing. 

Users of Motiview experience among other; increased mobility and better balance, reduction in pain and discomfort, increased mental health by reducing anxiety and depression, and increase social connectedness.

Granddaughter together with her happy grandmother at home

Physical Benefits

Users of Motiview experience several physical health benefits, including increased appetite, better sleep quality, improved mobility, fewer falls, reduction in overweight, reduction in physical pain, and in some cases less need for medications.

Mental Benefits

The immersive videos of the Motiview library enables enjoyment and reminiscence, and has shown to give significant mental and cognitive benefits. Users experience increase in happiness, better self-efficacy, and increase in general contentment and wellbeing. In addition, the system reduce anxiety and distress, and has shown to eliminate aggressive behaviour for some of the users.

Social benefits

Motiview has shown to significantly contribute to enjoyment and social connectivity as the concept becomes a community hub in the care home. Residents sharing stories about the videos and the music as they cycle through it, which appears to be providing some of the “social glue” that ensures that people continue their physical activity week-on-week – giving sustainable change.

Documented benefits

The benefits to using Motiview has been documented through several projects and user testings. A project funded by Sport England’s Active Ageing fund evaluated more than two hundred seniors at 25 care facilities across England over several months, finding significant improvements in activity levels, mobility, self-care, usual activities, pain/discomfort, anxiety/depression, and perceived general state of health. Please reach out to us if you want more details about the project, we’d be happy to share. 

And the feedback coming back to us is strong. Cyclists, staff, relatives and volunteers experience better health and increased quality of life when using Motiview.

“I was in a wheelchair at one point, then I graduated to a walker. The next thing will be the marathon.” These words are coming from Jean, an 88 years young woman living in a care home in the South of England. Previously, the low levels of physical activity were severely limiting her life. But then, doing frequent cycling sessions motivated by videos of roads from near and far, her life has changed. 

And her daughter confirms:
“My mother was pretty much bed-ridden. To see her now, exercising on a daily basis like this is extraordinary”.

Relatives have written letters to care homes where their loved ones are experiencing the benefits of using Motiview in their everyday life. And we celebrate together with our users, and their families and friends:

“You’ve done what the doctor couldn’t”, “It is just so wonderful”, “I can go next!”, “We cannot praise this program enough”, “You made the itching go away from my legs!” 

Granddaughter together with her happy grandmother at home

On a mission to help seniors

At Motitech, we see that the benefits from cycling in care homes, motivated by inspiring videos of roads and streets from familiar places or unexplored places around the world enrich the lives of older people and people with dementia.

Motitech will significantly impact people around the world, empowering them to age well by increasing quality of life through enabling physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness.

Best Practise; Together

Together with our partners we facilitate finding the keys to unlocking the secret of motivation. We see that this approach inspires to take action building a culture for healthy ageing – with a strong focus on habilitation rather than treatment and rehabilitation alone. Together we can increase the focus on abilities instead of disabilities – there is so much untapped potential with people living in long term residential care.

Alongside the  Motiview system we deliver inspirational sessions and training to support staff and volunteers to succeed. We are strongly believe in sharing our learnings and knowledge across user sites to support and foster best practices.

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