Stronger legs through cycling

Stronger legs through cycling

At Sanctuary Care home in Bridgewater, England, residents are able to travel the world by using indoor exercise bikes. On a TV screen in front of them, Motiview videos are showing cycling videos from all over the world. The videos motivate residents to try out the bike, and to go on for longer than they would without something to “draw them in”. Most come back to the bike again and again. 

Tony (85) says that “I love the bike because it helps me exercise and make my legs stronger.” The manager, Natalie Edwards, comments: “We are committed to using the latest innovative technology to enrich our residents’ lives and this equipment allows them to take part safely in fun exercise which brings a range of health benefits as they virtually travel the world.”

Videos from all over the world

The equipment has been funded by British Cycling, as part of their Places to Ride programme and five year partnership with Motitech, the company behind the cycling videos.

Currently, there are more than 2000 videos available for the residents to choose from in the video library, from 40 countries. “Just like other video services, we are growing our portfolio every year,” says Matt Archer from Motitech. “We don’t know in advance what videos will spark reminiscence with the users, and therefore we try to expand and build the selection all the way. And we do it in cooperation with our customers and partners.”

Foto: From The Carer.

A social hub

Residents often gather around the videos and bikes to share their stories and memories, and thus the concept also acts as a social hub. And being sociable and engaging adds further motivation to become more active in this way. 87-year-young Margaret says: “I like the bike as it gets my arms and legs to move and I want to improve my walking.”

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