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We deliver Motiview globally! The system is used across a variety of countries around the world, and the Motiview video library consists of more than 2000 videos from 40 countries, growing each year.

Feel free to contact us below so we can explore together how we best can help you. 

You can do this and track the logged activities by logging in at motiview.no. Don’t have access? Contact us below and we will help you set up an account with your email address. 

The Road Worlds for Seniors is Motitech’s annual championship. Each year, everyone with a Motiview licence can take part to compete during the four weeks the competition lasts – weeks filled with fun, personal triumphs and team spirit. We crown the champions for men and women, the best team, and the best support team (staff, volunteers). And most important; we celebrate all achievements, meaning everyone who participants who cycle get a medal.

Road Worlds for Seniors is normally held in September. Information about how and when to sign up, will become available at our website roadworlds.com

Don’t worry. Our product works both online and offline. And you can download videos of your choice from the library locally on to your device. But remember; downloading videos can take some time if the internet connection is very slow. Try connecting the computer to a network with a better internet connection to download a set of videos, this way you can continue to enjoy the videos regardless of the internet.

If the computer is offline (without internet connection) for a longer period, the license code will expire. This is to ensure safety and that you get the latest updates. To fix this problem, connect the computer to the internet, and add in the license code. If the license code hasn’t expired, it should now validate. Unsure of your license code? Contact us today, and we will help!

The Motiview application ensures that the computer always have enough free disk space available for Windows’ system tasks. But over time, the hard drive will fill up with temporary files, windows updates, downloaded movies and other stuff that the application can’t control. Often, it will help to install windows updates, reboot the computer and delete old temporary files. If that doesn’t help, please contact your IT department.

Your IT department might have blocked the internet access to the Motiview application in their firewall. To be able to solve this, you can send the following information to your IT department:

The Motiview application is a Microsoft Store application, and will need network communication with the following domains on port 443 and 80 to function:

  • api.motiview.com
  • auth.motiview.com
  • cdn.motiview.no
  • motitech.no
  • motiview.core.windows.net
  • motiview.blob.core.windows.net
  • www.motiview.no

If this doesn’t help, please let us know.

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