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Out of retirement: the care home seniors chasing global cycling glory

Featured in The Guardian, World. 2nd October 2020

Using static bikes and videos, residents compete for medals and are able to ‘travel’ to places old and new without leaving their chair.

Joy Small and Cathrine Myhr have never met, live in care homes 1,000 miles apart – but are challenging each other in a gripping sporting stand-off.

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A new spin on tackling the challenges of ageing

Featured in Health Tech World, 20 September 2020

Motitech, the Norwegian startup motivating older people and people with dementia to engage in physical activity, is holding a month-long global cycling championship for seniors.

The firm’s annual event, held in care homes across the globe, has added pertinence this year. Via Motiview, Motitech’s immersive video-based technology, participants are able to virtually travel and see the outside world at a time when most are unable to leave their accommodation or go outdoors for exercise.

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Kenneth Judd may be 99-years-old, but he is a cycling tour de force. 
Featured in BBC News online, 22 November 2021

Warwickshire care home resident rides off with virtual cycling prize

Featured in The Care Home Environment. 8th October 2021

Motitech, the Norwegian startup behind the annual Road Worlds for Seniors global virtual cycling event, has announced a 99 year-old Warwickshire care home resident has won the title of UK male champion for 2021.

Ken Judd of Galanos House in Southam, Warwickshire cycled a distance of 2,348 miles – the second longest in the world.

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Combined forces land eldercare center in Stokmarknes a new Motitech bike

Featured in The Norwegian American. 10th January 2022

Firefighters in Stokmarknes, Norway, helped seniors at the local care home getting activity during COVID lockdowns.

“When we realized we could put some money on the table, it was important that we use it on some activity for all the people,” said Sten-Håvard Johannessen, unit manager Hadsel Fire and Rescue.

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3 for 1 - Heathlands

New high tech exercise bikes at care homes to help elderly relive memories

Featured in The Echo News. 3rd July 2021

A total of 12 Motiview bikes, licences and smart televisions have been purchased to support residents to be more physically and cognitively active across mid and south Essex, UK.

Tricia D’Orsi, NHS Alliance director for south east Essex, said: “We are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve the wellbeing of those in our care.

“The purchase of these bikes will support our residents to be both physically and cognitively active with the goal of faster rehabilitation and improvement to physical and mental wellbeing.

“I am confident this pilot will be a success, allowing us to increase provision across mid and south Essex.”

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Ottawa man cycles to top of Road Worlds for Seniors

Featured at CTV News, 21 October 2021

An 86-year-old Ottawa man has taken top spot in a global cycling championship for seniors.

Norman Côté, who lives at Bruyère Village in Orléans, cycled 8,346.7 km on a stationary bike during the month of September making him the male champion at the Road Worlds for Seniors.

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