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Increasing physical activity, reminiscence, and social connectedness enrich the lives of older people and people with dementia. Using videos from local roads and inspiring places elsewhere in the world give motivation to get active, using indoor exercise bikes. When feeling motivated, everybody is at their natural best – no matter the age!

The entire global Motiview video library is accessible to anyone with a subscription. The subscription also includes guaranteed local video, free support, unlimited number of users, participation in the annual global championship called the Road World for Seniors, and more. Strong relations to our customers and partners is crucial to us, and we work actively to ensure the use of Motiview being an ongoing success for the users and care facilities. 

Physical benefits

Motiview motivates seniors to get the benefits from increased physical activity. User experience increased mobility, fewer falls, increased strength and much more.

Mental benefits

Motiview gives impulses from new and well-known places, stimulating to reminiscence and increased mental well-being. The concept also increase self-efficacy.

Social benefits

Exploring the world through the Motiview videos, people share their stories and experiences, leading to new social connections and friendships. 


Today, thousands of older people at many hundreds of care facilities are currently benefitting from Motiview. Our cyclists come from The Nordics and European countries, as well as North America, Australia, and Asia. 

Senior londoners get active again

The residents at Norton House care home in Westminster, London, have been given the opportunity to get active and increase their health using the Motiview concept. And signing up to participate in the annual Road World for Seniors against thousands of residents in care homes across the world, have sparked their motivation to get going.

How Motiview works

The Motiview system is easy to use, consisting of specialised, Motitech produced videos (accompanied by ambient sound and music). In combination with specially-adapted stationary exercise bikes suited to your users, the cyclists can ‘virtually’ cycle through familiar surroundings and beautiful scenery from a variety of different locations. The system is accessible to all, irrespective of physical condition, as it can be combined with a bike of your choice – optimal for your end users – some offering both feet and hand pedalling options.

Motiview is simply downloaded onto a Windows PC or tablet once a license is obtained. The device is then paired with a television, monitor, or projection device using an HDMI cable. The videos are created with the users in mind which encourages those with and without dementia, to recall and revisit favourite locations – or travel the world.

Motiview, in combination with a suitable bike, allows the user to pedal – with feet or hands – through destinations such as the Peak District or the South Downs in the UK, Niagara Falls in Canada, or even through the town in which they were raised while listening to their favourite songs, or immersed in ambient sound.

Each Motiview license comes with access to the entire video library (including new videos when they are added) and authentic sound and music. Motitech will also make sure that there is a video of the local area, made in cooperation with the user site. Free support is available throughout the license period where residents can take part in events such as the Road Worlds for Seniors, that takes place in September each year (

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